Join Our Kennel Club


We are a small family-owned vineyard and winery in Carneros, Napa Valley that produces 200 to 300 cases of Pinot Noir a vintage; and we only produce Pinot Noir. We have no tasting room, and sell our wines to high-end restaurants and wine stores across Northern California and online to our dedicated consumers.

At Black Dog Ranch, the Nose KnowsTM, and we invite everyone to join the Kennel Wine Club to experience what only your nose knows.

The Kennel Wine Club members will receive a 15% discount on any orders placed through the website. Plus, the Kennel Wine Club members will receive two shipments per year each containing 3 bottles of the Beresini Pinot Noir. The shipments may include current releases of Pinot Noir, new releases of Pinot Noir and sometimes previews of future releases of Pinot Noir (to be kept in storage, of course). It will be a surprise, but what we can guarantee is that all shipments will contain Pinot Noir.