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Welcome to the Kennel Club!
Once you are a member of the Kennel Club, you will be able to purchase individual bottles of the Beresini Pinot Noir at a discount.  When ordering, please use the following codes for a Kennel Club 10% discount on bottles of the Beresini Pinot – for the 2012 bottles use kennel2012, and for the 2011 bottles use 2011kennel.  The Kennel Club discount on the Beresini Pinot 2012 and 2011 case(s)  is 15%.  To recieve the 15% discount please use the following code for one or more cases of the Pinot Noir:  for the 2012 case(s) please use code kennelcase2012 and for 2011 case(s) please use kennelcase2011.  If you have any issues in ordering, please contact debra@beresinivineyards.com directly.

Kennel Club members will also receive periodic updates on the wine production, advance notice of the release of the new vintages and will continue to be able to purchase the wine at a discounted price.







To order the Beresini Pinot:


Buy 2012 Pinot Noir by the Bottle


Buy 2012 Pinot Noir by the Case



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Buy 2011 Pinot Noir by the Case


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